Psychosocial risks managed with UPLOADS PriME

Mr Graham Pringle1, Dr Scott McLean2, Ms Andrea Newton3, Professor Paul Salmon2, Dr Clare Dallat4
1Youth Flourish Outdoors, , Australia; 2University of the Sunshine Coast, Sippy Downs, Australia; 3Stanley River Environmental Education Centre, Kilcoy, Australia; 4The Outdoor Education Group, Australia


Psychosocial incidents in led outdoor activities (LOA) are reported to the UPLOADS incident reporting and learning tool. At present there is only small number of ‘psychosocial’ incidents recorded which may indicate under-reporting. There may be a lack of clarity about what constitutes psychological and emotional risks. Complex Trauma is recognised as the driver of psychosocial concerns in many states. Education Queensland schools have been directed to find ways to engage students whom were previously suspended and expelled. This requires a change in how we understand and deal with behaviour. Outdoor education can be stressful, yet it is a significant aspect of the learning experience. How do we cater for the well-being of young people while maintaining our values and processes?

In this workshop, Graham Pringle (Youth Flourish Outdoors) will provide a model for this process of change. Andrea Newton (Stanley River EEC) will demonstrate a trauma model pedagogy and speak to the impact this has had on program delivery. Clare Dallat (OEG) will illustrate how that organisation has recognised psychosocial incidents and what impact that has had on program design and administrative burden. Scott McLean and Paul Salmon (UPLOADS research project) will demonstrate the latest phase of UPLOADS, a process called UPLOADS PriME which enables organisations to develop their own interventions identified within their own UPLOADS data.

Graham, Andrea, and Clare will present a review of their experience and knowledge, and the UPLOADS research team will present an overview of PriME. Participants will then work through a case study, in different outdoor education scenarios, using PriME to understand how to develop interventions to cater for complex students. Groups will report their insights back to the group. This workshop will help centres and programs to understand how they can enable complex students to benefit from ‘going to camp’.

Graham Pringle is the Program Director of Youth Flourish Outdoors, a youth mental health charity and is a PhD Candidate at Griffith University..

Scott McLean is the leader for the Sport and Outdoor Recreation them at the Centre for Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems at USC

Paul Salmon founded the Centre for Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems at USC and holds an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship

Andrea Newton is a Teacher and Acting Principal of an Education Queensland Environmental Education Centre.

Claire Dallat is an Executive Director with OEG specialising in risk management and recieved the international Reb Gregg Wilderness Risk Management Award for 2018

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