Psychological Effects of Forest Camp on Children with Atopic Dermatitis

Ms Sujin park1, Dr Yeonhee Lee1
1Korea National Institute of Forest Science, seoul, South Korea



The prevalence rate of environmental diseases has been steadily increasing due to lifestyle change and rapid development of industries. In terms of families suffering from chronic environmental diseases like Atopic dermatitis, not only the children patients but also their families experience considerable amount of impact on their quality of lives. From the perspective of preventing this issue, therapeutic functions of forests have gained increasing attention as an alternative, and research studies about health effects from utilizing the functions have been actively conducted. This study has implemented a forest therapy program on children with environmental diseases and on their families, and then it has analyzed its psychological effect. Revised Children’s Manifest Anxiety Scale(RCMAS) and Korean-version of Parenting Stress Index: Short Form(PSI-SF) have been used as measure scales of the psychological effect. As a result of the effect analysis, anxiety reaction of the children who participated in the forest therapy program and parenting stress of the fosterers have decreased, while activities in forests have showed to become available places and activities which exert positive influences on excessive sensitivity, negative emotion and stress.


MPH, Work for Korea National Institute of Forest Science

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