Monkey Mind. An educators journey from ruin to realization.

Mr Ben Tamblyn1
1Odyssey Institute, Ubud, Indonesia


Ben is the Founder and Executive Director of Odyssey Institute, Indonesia’s leading experiential education company. This is the true story of how he came to believe so passionately in the power of experiential education!

Ben’s life story reveals a troubled youth characterized by bereavement, addiction and mental illness. He was, in many ways, the quintessential at-risk youth. His subsequent recovery involved a mixture of mentorship and international travel adventures that immersed him in unfamiliar cultures and wilderness and set the scene for a professional life dedicated to experiential education.

The story is told to inspire (or re-inspire) the audience to think deeply about their own whys, to reflect on their own journeys, challenges and victories and the ultimate importance of listening deeply. For when we listen we remember.

Our industry serves a profound purpose, one that it is easy for us all to overlook amidst the humdrum of daily admin. We’ve made huge commitments and all-too-often can forget why, indeed, we ever made such decisions in the first place! The reasons are many. This is just one!

It is the speakers hope that such a personal talk will serve as a catalyst for members of the conference to reflect on their own life stories and core values and, hopefully, return to work a little clearer about the why.

Ben is the Founder and Executive Director of the Odyssey Institute, an Indonesian social enterprise dedicated to experiential education.

Ben holds an MSc in Anthropology and believes passionately in the transformative power of travel adventures. He’s the quintessential “boot strapping” social entrepreneur: an educator and world traveler who has combined his skills and passions to form a truly visionary company. Ben has been designing and facilitating educational travel programs for over 20 years and has led youth expeditions in North America, Europe, South East Asia and throughout the Himalayas (India, Nepal and Tibet).

Formerly an aid worker and youth counsellor, Ben’s “aha! moment” came whilst studying anthropology in Nepal where he realized that the exploration of unfamiliar cultures and eco-systems could stimulate profound personal growth. For Ben, travel adventures belong at the very heart of what defines a quality education.

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