Holism, experiential education and what it means to be a kick ass facilitator!

Mr Ben Tamblyn1
1Odyssey Institute, Ubud, Indonesia


Holism, experiential education and what it means to be a kick ass facilitator!

This is a knowledge/resource sharing exercise. The workshop was originally designed by Ben Tamblyn for Odyssey Institute, Indonesia’s leading experiential education company. The workshop was created in 2017 in order to support local capacity building and address issues with professional standardization in Indonesia.

The outdoor/experiential education industry in Indoensia is still light years behind Australia and other neighboring countries, yet there are many passionate local facilitators/guides who are keen to learn and serve in the industry. Ben created this workshop as an orientation tool that helps to accurately convey Odyssey Institute’s core values and philosophy to the company’s burgeoning rolodex of both Indonesian and expat freelancers.

Coordinating conceptual understandings and clarifying professional expectations throughout Odyssey’s ethnically and culturally diverse teams was seen as a top priority for ensuring quality service provision to the company’s international school clientele.

Join Ben for a fun, hands-on look at what Odyssey Institute does to engage all staff with its core belief in holism.

Ben is the Founder and Executive Director of the Odyssey Institute, an Indonesian social enterprise dedicated to experiential education.

Ben holds an MSc in Anthropology and believes passionately in the transformative power of travel adventures. He’s the quintessential “boot strapping” social entrepreneur: an educator and world traveler who has combined his skills and passions to form a truly visionary company. Ben has been designing and facilitating educational travel programs for over 20 years and has led youth expeditions in North America, Europe, South East Asia and throughout the Himalayas (India, Nepal and Tibet).

Formerly an aid worker and youth counsellor, Ben’s “aha! moment” came whilst studying anthropology in Nepal where he realized that the exploration of unfamiliar cultures and eco-systems could stimulate profound personal growth. For Ben, travel adventures belong at the very heart of what defines a quality education.

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