Facilitated Growth: Experiential Activities for Recovery and Wellness

Ms Dawn Cummings1
1Training Wheels, LITTLETON, United States


This workshop will feature 10 experiential activities for recovery and wellness. Experiential activities provide an opportunity to intentionally surface behaviors or scenarios that happen in the real world in a more controlled environment. Walking participants through what happened, why it’s important, and how it impacts the future is an important part of the recovery process. We invite you to explore the intentional use of experiential activities in your recovery and wellness practice.

Introduce 10 experiential activities that focus on recovery and wellness that are easy to replicate.

Attendees will receive a stellar handout with instructions for all activities presented.

To deliver the workshop in a hands-on, experiential way that involves attendees in the learning process.

The new research on trauma shows that experiential therapy has the greatest impact on promoting recovery and wellness within this population. Research continues to prove that a significant predictor of client success is the therapeutic relationship. These experiential activities help to facilitate group cohesion as well as strong therapeutic alliance. This population is play deprived and getting people up and moving is a new and different way in engaging recovery. It stimulates the brain and opens the doorway to new experiences.

Social and ethical component:
Play is universal. Every culture known to man has some relationship to play. These strategies level the playing field and allows participants to engage irregardless of socio-economic status, relation, race or any other seemingly divisive category. These strategies provide unique and creative strategies for teaching cultural competencies and community cohesion. Research shows that community support is critical to the individual initiating recovery. These activities have socio-metric monitoring components built into them, thus allowing the counselor to keep their finger on the pulse on the overall health of the group.

Michelle Cummings M.S. is the Big Wheel and founder of Training Wheels, a known leader in the Team Development industry. She is an accomplished author and is a sought-after speaker and consultant on leadership, teambuilding, and experiential learning. Michelle has created a wide variety of facilitation, debriefing and teambuilding activities that have collectively changed the way trainers and educators work.

Michelle has authored 5 books to date and a 6th is in its final stages. She is also the author of the women’s fiction novel, The Reel Sisters.

Michelle, along with Dr. Jim Cain and Jennifer Stanchfield are the authors of the renowned book, A Teachable Moment, A Facilitator’s Guide to Activities for Processing, Debriefing, Reviewing, and Reflection. The book has over 120 different processing tools, activities, and techniques for facilitators.

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