Education suffers from the great divide: the wealthy, privileged, educated, pale male owners – who have access to a disproportionate portion of the pie.

Mr Tony Keeble1, Mr Mark Reeves1
1DET Victoria, Victoria, Australia


Leonard Cohen once penned:
“There is a crack in everything and that is how we get the light in”.

Political systems run the risk of funding public, catholic and private schools that continue to widen the chasm in funding that creates a residualised education system and perpetrating the dominant divided ideology.

As two ‘White Males’ who have experienced a privileged life, we recognise that our life experiences have shaped our worldviews and our deep and entrenched way of thinking. We see how ironic the title of our presentation is. We accept this.

What we don’t accept is the elephant in the room in Outdoor Education. The elephant being, that Outdoor Education in Victorian schools is not socially just or inclusive.

Mark and Tony will bring to the discussion some alarming figures on Outdoor Education in Victoria. Some firsthand experiences that outline social injustices in outdoor education and invoke discussion around what we can do about finding the ‘crack’ and shining more light onto the fact that Outdoor Education has a fair way to go in being socially just and inclusive in Victoria.

We hope to share how we can all contribute to education opportunities that cuts through the divide and allows OEE to intersect with accessibility, disadvantage, isolation and other indicators of educational disadvantage.

Mark Reeves
Mark is the founding principal of the School for Student Leadership, AKA The Alpine School and associated campuses in Victoria and Southern China. He is married to the amazing Alice and father to the brilliant Tom and astonishing Ya! He is a Churchill Fellow, a previous Mayor and local Government Councillor in east Gippsland. Mark’s motto has been to enable “more students more access more often to leadership and experiential education opportunities”.

Tony Keeble
Tony has four active young girls and is married to the beautiful Megan. Tony is currently the Principal of Outdoor School and an elected Councillor of the Alpine Shire for the past 12 years. Tony is currently completing his PHD in the role outdoor education plays in developing social capital amongst year 9 students in rural Victoria. Tony’s professional goal is to set up systems where more students from rural Victoria can access outdoor education.

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