Coping with change in the SIS Policy environment – Taking care of yourself and your staff

Mrs Nyrie Butterfield1
1PNL 4WDriving, Carrum Downs , Australia


These last three or four years have been very hectic in the teaching environment. We have all had to upgrade our teaching qualifications, validate all our materials and now come to grip with the massive changes to the Outdoor Training package.

CEO and staff have become quite stressed identifying what is happening, how they affect the particular company, what is now actually required. Companies have had to rewrite masses of lesson plans, assessments, instructions needed, try to validate, and keep the CEO from snapping everyone’s heads off when you tell them how much work is still needed before you can actually implement these and possible start some training.

Is has been really important to break each of these changes into small parts and celebrate each small incremental step. “HIC”

As a CEO of a small RTO, this is extremely hard to do as you are the telephonist, office assistant, typist, HR person, teacher, assessor, data processor, car packer, general dogsbody as well as a salesman and spectacular entrepreneur.

We have needed to take time away from work. Take the office out to lunch, do something different for a weekend, getaway overseas, laugh, cry throw a tantrum, preferably when there is no one around and make sure you LAUGH a lot. The saying is “if you don’t laugh you cry.” “SO LAUGH even at yourself” is now written in two-foot block letters on the office back wall. We have introduced some random things like changing desks or singing the next line, each time a particular song comes on, going down the beach and running in the waves without shoes, just to put some fun into work. It also helps to recognize partners with a simple small gift as they take care of us all at home.
So “THANKS Staff and Families”

Nyrie started her outdoor adventures as a brownie and continued as a Queen’s Guide, Ranger, Rover and then officer training in the Army. This covers everything from hiking, camping cooking, wonderful adventures, rock climbing, canoeing, skiing, and eventually 4wdriving for weeks at a time all over Australia. She camped and hiked as a guide and when 18 went camping and hiking with her little 2wd car. She found lovely spots next to rivers but as we drove down the road, we slid down the hills on the chassis of the car. So we camped and next day continued on; at the end we found the sign saying ROAD CLOSED, wondering why town councils that only put the signs up close to town so the locals dont use the road. IT DEFINATELY needs to be at BOTH ends. I was going out with my boyfriend at that stage and after we had had that experience 3 or4 times we decided we had best buy a 4wd so we might have some hope of getting out instead of having to walk out. We jumped on the train and went to Sydney, packed out camping gearin the new4wd and spent 2 weeks in the blue mountains all by ourselves trying to work out how the 4wd works. the salesman just gives you the keys and says goodbye and the book doesn’t help as it is written in Jinglish and you dont understand the terms anyway. After a week in the bush, we joined a 4wdrive club and learnt to use our vehicle safely, had lots of fun and started teaching other people to use their 4wdrive. That was 30 years ago and it’s still fun, we have covered most of Australia over that time.

About OEA and Outdoors NSW

Outdoor Education Australia (OEA)  was established in 2006 as a national network of outdoor education associations. The organisation facilitates communication between state and territory outdoor education associations about the practice and delivery of outdoor education; advocates for outdoor education across primary, secondary and tertiary education; and provides policy advice.

Outdoors NSW is the go-to place for all things outdoors in NSW.

The peak body for the outdoors in NSW, the organisation, (formerly known as ORIC), represents the outdoor community, advances outdoor standards, safety and practices, and fosters greater participation in the outdoors.

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