An Evaluation of UPLOADS using the RE-AIM framework

Dr Scott McLean, Prof. Caroline Finch, Dr Natassia Goode, Misss Lauren Coventon, Prof. Paul Salmon

University of the Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Coast, Australia


In 2018, the new Understanding and Preventing Led Outdoor Activity Data System (UPLOADS) app was released. UPLOADS is a systems-based incident reporting and learning system developed specifically for the led outdoor activity (LOA) sector. Since its inception, thousands of injury, illness, near miss, psychosocial, equipment damage, and environmental incidents have been reported to UPLOADS. However, no formal evaluation has been undertaken to assess the extent to which UPLOADS is an appropriate sector wide intervention for understanding and preventing adverse incidents.

The aim of this presentation is to provide an overview of the findings from a 12-month evaluation of UPLOADS via the RE-AIM framework. RE-AIM is used to evaluate interventions across the following five dimensions:

Reach: refers to the extent to which LOA sector is aware of UPLOADS.
Efficacy: the evidence that using UPLOADS reduces adverse incidents.
Adoption: the extent to which LOA providers have attempted to implement UPLOADS into their organisation.
Implementation: the extent to which LOA providers have implemented UPLOADS as intended.
Maintenance: the extent to which the LOA providers intend on using UPLOADS on an ongoing basis.

RE-AIM has previously been used in multiple domains including healthcare and sports injury prevention contexts. Data for the RE-AIM evaluation was obtained from the UPLOADS National Incident Dataset (NID), and surveys from UPLOADS users and LOA industry peak body representatives.

The analysis provides evidence that the new UPLOADS app has a wide reach within the LOA sector, is effective in reducing adverse incidents, and that organisations and peak bodies intend to support continued use of UPLOADS. Areas where UPLOADS scored low are in the adoption and implementation dimensions, suggesting that further work is required to support wider adoption across the sector. The analysis will be discussed in detail, along with the implications for the LOA sector.

Dr Scott Mclean is a research fellow at the Centre for Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems, completing his PhD in 2018. Scott has experience in conducting Human Factors research across multiple domains. He also holds a Master of Science, and Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science.

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